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Do you need a Retail Real Estate Specialists ?


We will project manage your retail growth strategy.  Our team will find you the best retail locations and target growth markets.  You need a team to build your brand.

Our team working with you (the founders) will build a blue print for a strong foundation and a long term successful retail brand. 


As your Retail Real Estate Specialists, it is our project to find you and secure new store locations for your brands retail growth strategy. 

We use several tools to build your brands retail growth strategy either for corporate or franchise operated locations. 

1. Criteria Market Analysis (CMA) - Using your current customer demographics and buying habits, we formulate a plan to duplicate these markets on a national or regional growth plan.  Demographics, such as age, gender, income and density is critical information that is scrubbed against your market penetrations plans. Then we identify  promising markets and analyze large volumes of data to draw conclusions.

2. Site Criteria Analysis (SCA) - Laser scope target marketing for specific properties that fit your CMA.  Site specific property traits such as square footage, parking spaces, ingress, egress, signage, zoning, end cap, drive thru, employee parking, ease of delivery from vendors & suppliers, age and condition of property are all analyzed to narrow the scope of opportunities.

3. Deliverable "Options" - We compile and present to your team a summary report of the best opportunities currently available in the market as well as future development opportunities. We are on your team and report the pros and cons of each site. In every market there is competition for the best spaces and properties.  As your advocates, we are tenacious and persistent on your behalf. In the end, deliver a deal and open a new location.

4. Market Site Tours - As we begin our journey with your brand and executive team, we offer market site tours to educate your team on the local market and narrow the scope of the approved site opportunities. We collaborate with your general contractors, city government, vendors, lenders and your developers on the acquisitions team.  It takes team effort to build a brand and it starts on the market site tour. 

5. Negotiating - Terms and conditions need to be a win win for both you as the tenant as well as your long term land lord. Our expertise goes beyond just key terms of lease amount, tenant improvement allowance, lease term and options, inflation increases, rent increases and NNN pass thru expenses, we grow brands with strategic negotiation tactics. 

6. Repeat -  Now lets grow your brand with a strategic plan to infest and conquer the customers in the market.  We know what steps to take for market penetration and domination.  

As outside retail real estate specialist consultants, we play a pinnacle role in the growth of a retail business and it starts with a great location. It takes a team working together.


We Grow Brands!


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